Tulane will shake up College Football Playoff picture

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Tulane will shake up the College Football Playoff picture.

Yeah, The Tulane University, the little New Orleans school that could. The school is so little, the fans who attend road games are few. Maybe the sports information director and three Uptown friends.

Yeah, the team that is 1-1 and sixth in the American West with absolutely no chance of getting into the CFP picture this century.

Some sportswriters are wishy-washy and willy-nilly and namby-pamby about their weekly predictions.

I’m not. Watch the Green Wave, 35-point underdogs, shock the No. 2-ranked Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday night in Norman before a crowd of four Tulane fans and 86,108 OU fans.

Tulane 35, Oklahoma 31. Bet on it. Not a whole lot of money. Maybe pocket change.

My pick is based on using the Theory of Faulty Logic. The pick violates some of the basic laws of logic. One of the basic laws is that Oklahoma will beat Tulane 59-13. I saw that prediction on a bookmaking site.

I’m going against the grain. I know it’s wild and crazy and stupid, but the upset will happen. It will be the Upset of the 21st Century.

You won’t catch Tulane looking ahead to Army, the team Ohio State plays Saturday, Ohio State the team that quarterback Baker Mayfield and the Sooners embarrassed three nights ago in Columbus.

I’ve been doing a lot of studying. One statistic stands out.

The Greenies are giving up just 140 yards passing per game this season.

Their defense, unlike the one that plays for Ohio State, will challenge Mayfield. Actually, challenge is not the word. They will intercept Mayfield three or four times and give him a face-planting five or six times.

Mayfield has lost his focus. He’s caught up in the Heisman Trophy hype. He’s doing radio interviews and talking about his wish to meet Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre, the Master of Supreme Self-Confidence.

Cockiness will get in Mayfield’s way. He’ll have no respect for the little Greenies, just like he had no respect for the big ol’ Buckeyes. He’s still apologizing for disrespecting the Buckeyes with a victorious midfield flag plant. Around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, he will be apologizing for losing.

Oklahoma’s 31-16 win at Ohio State will be forgotten, and the Sooners’ CFP hopes will plunge. No OU at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Jan. 8, the site and the date of the national championship game.

On Twitter, I have started following F— Baker Mayfield, a strong ally in my deep dislike for Mayfield. FBM caught my eye with these two perfect retweets.

I’m sure my wife, Patty, an Ohio State graduate, will also become an FBM follower. She’s the reason I’m a Buckeyes fan down here in South Mississippi.

Right now, the Greenies are so confident they are practicing for the postgame flag-planting celebration at Owen Field.

Make sure to put it in Mayfield’s pie hole, and when that happens, the soul of Jimmy Steele will raise his cup to the Greenies.

A One, A Two, A Helluva Hullabaloo.

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