Getting down and dirty with The Captain’s Spotify

The Trammps perform "Disco Inferno." YOUTUBE

Editor’s note by John E. Bialas: I asked Facebook friends last week to name the songs they think are on Captain Tenacious’ Spotify play list, and I enjoyed all the selections because they fit the persona of the retired sportswriter: Most Experienced Playboy in the Western World, 1979 Disco Dancing World Finalist, 1984 Pensacola Twist Contest Winner, 1994 Mississippi Breakdancing Champion, Legend in His Own Dirty Mind and Master of the Quadruple Entendre. Today, he writes about songs on his Spotify list in this quality piece of fine journalism.

Special to the Broadmoor Bureau

I saw all the Facebook submissions and all of them fit my personality and taste in music.

All the selections are spot-on. They are always streaming on my Spotify, and anyone who knows me knows how much I love streaming if you get my drift.

Thirty-five songs were posted  on John’s Facebook and my story features 10 of them.

I am listing each pick  this way: The first name of the person who submitted the song, the song on YouTube and my comments below the video.


In 1975, the year the song came out, the ladies called me “The Hustler” for my moves on and off the dance floor.

One more from Freddie

Reminds me of the nights at the Fiesta in Biloxi, where I mixed poppers with Jacks and Cokes.


Whoa baby! Funk me!


My kicks are fast as lightning, although I’m more of a lover than a fighter.


That’s the way I like it, connotations and all.


I can relate to these words: “If morning’s echo says we’ve sinned,
it was what I wanted now.” I say this to myself lying in bed alone and thinking of a Twin Peaks girl.


This song is preparing me for my Roman and Mediterranean holiday in April, when I’ll be on my Continental Love cruise where I hope to meet the Gina Lollobrigida, the Claudia Cardinale and the Monica Vitti of my dreams.


Yep, I am a hugging and kissing fiend.


I got a gal, she lives on the block, she is kind of funky with her pink and black socks.


The ear worm I get from this song is “Stand Really Close to Me.” Close counts.

This ain’t no disco

One song that will never make my list is “Dirty Boulevard” by Lou Reed.

I remember the time I was riding in a car with a couple of other sportswriters and that song was playing. It was ear-splitting and headache-making.

I yelled, “What the hell is that crap? Change the station.”

It turns out the song was blaring from a cassette player and not the radio.

No disco! Son of a bitch!

Image credit: The Trammps perform “Disco Inferno.” This is a YouTube screen grab.

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My Facebook went to the dogs and it was ama-zzzzz-ing

Soft butt to lean on

Broadmoor Bureau Chief

My Facebook went to the dogs on Sunday, Sept. 3.

It was ama-zzzzz-ing.

It all started with this Facebook post about Tilly, our 4-year-old basset hound who lives, and sleeps a lot, in Gulfport, Mississippi.

I included this message with the post: “I bet our dog can outsleep your dog. Feel free to share a photo of your napper, and I’ll publish the pictures in a new blog post.”

The post was written on my blog and was shared on my own Facebook page and The Wonderful World of Basset Hounds Facebook page.

I heard from my daughter, my brother, a cousin, a cousin’s wife, old friends and new strangers.

I received more than 40 photos of great-looking dogs in funny sleeping positions, and most of the pictures included clever comments from their owners.

For this post, I embedded photos I received on my Facebook page and I made screen grabs from the basset hounds Facebook page.

Gus just “hanging out” ?


Silk bed with Vera Bradley blanket


We like couches and sleeping bags.

Kaiya. But she woke up for the picture.

Kaleb is a champion napper, however.



Sally Suzi. Was heading to the couch for a snooze. She didn’t make it ?It was way too far.

Dakota loves to visit Grandma.

Rigby and Sadie – my lapdogs.

Boss and Beignet. Unfortunately, both have passed on.

Too many to choose from…Party Dog

As long as there is no thunder, Juliet is a champ.

As long as there is no thunder, Juliet is a champ.

Tadder and BettyJo while thunderstorm is overhead

Tadder and BettyJo while thunderstorm is overhead

Tracker Jack tracks his food bowl first and then his comfy bed.

Tracker Jack tracks his food bowl first and then his comfy bed.

Sophie has small bursts of energy between long naps.

Sophie has small bursts of energy between long naps.

Soft butt to lean on

Soft butt to lean on

Just saw this. Here’s a late addition from the owners of the house where the Filmmakers Dinner was held on Thursday before the Telluride Film Festival. Eight-year-old basset decides to take a nap while waiting for the elevator.

Maggie and her moose

Maggie and her moose



Mick has to have his blanky

Mick has to have his blanky



My Charlie




Jasper fell asleep trying to find something educational to watch


Napping is Fred’s favorite pastime.

Another Fred

My boy Elmer, from Bristol uk x

This is Winnie snoozing

This is Flopsy Mae

Minerva sleeping……..zzzzzzzz

And Andres, her brother, doing the same………..ssssssssss

Prince Harry loves to wrap himself up

Tracker Jack from Iowa

Priscilla from Ohio.

Gus loved to nap in any position lol

Here is my Sunshine ready for bed.

Abby fell asleep eating a bone!


Rocky from San Diego

Winnie in Alaska: “I get stuff stuck in my jowls a lot”

Beau can crash out anywhere!


Kylee Dawn and Kaitlynn Skye


 Molly and George




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