What is your pet’s favorite birthday treat?

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Tilly, our basset hound, gets a treat only once a year.

She always been deprived of such snacks as Dingo Delights, Ruff Puffs, Animal Ears, Hooves, Milk-Bones and Waggin’ Trains.

Got to keep this delicate girl healthy. She’s on a strict diet because of her weight and her allergies. Her two meals a day are cups of Royal Canin, one early in the morning and the other at about 5 p.m.

The makers of Royal Canin say their food for dogs 55 to 99 pounds helps meet endurance and energy support requirements because these pets are adapted for hard work.

Does this dog look like she has the endurance and energy for hard work?

Tilly at 2 p.m. on Memorial Day. JOHN E. BIALAS
Tilly at 2 p.m. on Memorial Day. JOHN E. BIALAS

Tilly can barely walk around the block without her tongue hitting the street.

She treats herself to a bowl of water and a nice nap after what for her is strenuous exercise.

I’m sure she would also like ice cream before the post-walk nap, but the only time she gets ice cream is for her birthday. It’s always the same flavor and it’s always from the same place in our hometown of Gulfport.

Tilly turned 5 years old on May 25, and after a trip to the vet in Biloxi for a manicure, she received a small cup of Dairy Queen soft-cup vanilla ice cream from Patty, my wife and her mother, and Wade, our 6-year-old grandson.

As one of Patty’s relatives might say, “A little cream won’t hurt you none.”

I think Tilly still has some left in the freezer. Dairy Queen calls it the Pup Cup, which is usually free, although Patty paid for it. I call it the Tilly Cup because she is no longer a pup. I think she is 35 years old in dog years, almost as old as our daughter, Kristin.

Patty shot a home video capturing the anticipation and enjoyment of Tilly’s slurpilicious occasion last week, and this leads me to a question I hope my loyal readers will answer.

What is your pet’s favorite birthday treat?

I also hope readers will enjoy the video, where Tilly exerts the energy she gets from her Royal Canin regimen.

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