To celebrate America, drive by the Home of the Brave

Broadmoor Bureau Chief

Sun Herald politics editor Paul Hampton calls it the “Home of the Brave,” and just look at it in the picture at the top of this quality Fourth of July post.

In the land of the free, someone years ago painted their Mississippi home red, white and blue and added flags, inspirational words and other reminders of patriotism, all in honor of America.

It’s a small home that pays a big tribute to the United States.

Check it our for yourself on this day or any other day.

The home is on the east side of 13th Avenue in Gulfport and it’s south of Pass Road and the Gulfport Little Theatre.  The house is the place where every day is Independence Day.

Happy birthday, y’all.





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July the Fourth Be With You


July the Fourth Be With You.

That’s my wish to you in case I forget to tell you on Tuesday, the holiday.

“Star Wars” celebrations don’t have to be limited to May the Fourth, when fans of the movie series unite to observe a play on words.

Enjoy the red, white and blue and all you do on Independence Day, which is not to be confused with the Will Smith movie that has been called the 1990s “Star Wars.”

When you take a break from your patriotic activities, channel your Luke Skywalker and do a green lightsaber dance just like wbb in the picture with this post.

Perhaps someday I will teach wbb the connection between “Star Wars” and the Fourth of July. I guess this is what you do in retirement.

The memes are plentiful. Here are a few examples:

  • Happy Force of July:  Star Wars has SO much to do with America’s independence
  • The Darth Vader American flag head
  • The George Washington Revolutionary War lightsaber battle
  • The Lady Liberty Wookie
  • Stormtrooper fireworks display

Tilly has no interest in “Star Wars,” but she went to a meme generator to put together this photo that strives to be in the spirit of the Fourth.





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