Stupid Subway TV ad curbs my enthusiasm

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One of the most annoying TV ads right now is the Subway commercial playing the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” theme.

What mad ad man thought this was good?

I want to associate the music with “Curb” creator and star Larry David and no one else because his HBO comedy show is better than anything at Subway.

A story on Thump earlier this year said Larry David discovered the tune when he heard it in a bank commercial.

“It just sort of introduces the idea that you’re in for something pretty idiotic,” he said in a 2009 interview.

The title of the tune is “Frolic,” a work by Italian composer Luciano Michelini.

Subway and Larry David go together well in this video and nowhere else: A hilarious combination you can see on YouTube.

After you watch the clip, it will be time to get back to reality.

The use of the “Curb” music in the ad curbs whatever enthusiasm I might have for Subway.

Every time you go to Subway, you will hear that music in your head when your sandwich maker goes through the process of getting your order from the toaster to the takeout bag, and this will be so overwhelming, you will hallucinate and believe your sandwich maker is Richard Lewis or Super Dave Osborne.

And those guys are too cool to be making sandwiches.

This reminds me of the gentleman who worked in the Polo men’s section of the pre-Katrina Dillard’s in Biloxi. He was a spiffy dresser and looked like a short and older version of Larry David.

Months after Katrina, I saw him wearing a nice Polo ball cap at the Super Wal-Mart in Gulfport. He was a Wal-Mart associate. He was slicing meat for a deli customer.

How can you go from selling nice clothes to cutting deli meat? I was in shock.

It was my “Curb” moment. Cue the music.

Illustration courtesy Pixabay

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