Snickers candy bars satisfy hunger for words

Who collects Snickers candy bars?

I do. With all the free time I have in four months of retirement so far, I’ll go through boxes of Snickers at the grocery store in search of just one thing that will satisfy me: A strong descriptive word.

I like candy, though I’m more of an M&M’s and Nestle Crunch fan. I like words, too, and Snickers bars have words I really like. I also like the wrappers’ font, typography and blue letters with a white background.

The words appear on the wrappers in an ongoing ploy to get customers to buy more of the candy bars.

I was going to say chew on that with your sweet tooth, but I might have to edit that out before I publish this.

I’m not interested in eating the candy. I’m interested in collecting the wrappers, and here are my favorite words so far.


Some of these words describe me. The other words might describe you, and I think I know you.

All I’m missing is  IRASCIBLE to complete my collection.

What is your favorite word on the wrapper of a Snickers candy bar? What word would you like to see on a  wrapper? Shoot me an email at [email protected]






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