What’s going on with Louie & The Redhead?


What’s going on with Louie & The Redhead Lady?

This question about the Cajun and Creole restaurant is nothing new.

The restaurant originated in Mandeville, Louisiana, on the New Orleans Northshore, where it operated for a few years,  before moving to Bay St. Louis in 2015. It stayed there for about a year, then opened in Gulfport earlier this year.

So what’s going on with Louie and The Redhead Lady now?

I’m certain that was asked before the owners made their moves from Mandeville to Bay St. Louis to Gulfport.

Their Gulfport location on 30th Avenue near downtown has handwritten “closed” signs posted at its two entrances.

I hope it’s not closed for good. I’ve never been to the restaurant in any of its incarnations, but was looking forward to trying one of its egg dishes or one of its Creole lunch specials until I saw the “closed” signs. Now I’ve given up.

The last Yelp  review was posted June 12 and I’ve had no luck getting to the restaurant’s website.

Who has been to Louie & the Redhead? Anybody have any clues about the fate of this restaurant?

Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll post your answers if you are OK with that.

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