$10 Ivanka Trump dresses at Dirt Cheap

Broadmoor Bureau Chief

There are $10 Ivanka Trump dresses at Dirt Cheap in Gulfport.

Pamela Hampton posted that message on Facebook on Monday, and since I was headed to Highway 49 north of I-10, I stopped at Dirt Cheap two hours later to get two pictures of one of the heavily discounted dresses.

I found a $138 dress and the discount was 80 percent.

I’m not good at math and I have never bought a dress, but that sounds like a great deal if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m more of a Stella McCartney guy anyway. I didn’t see any dresses from the designer.

If I had, I would have bought a Stella dress for my daughter, though the retail price probably would have been $2,300 and perhaps the discount would have been just 30 percent. Even at 30 percent, it would have been Dirt Expensive.




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