Go nuts for Fantasy Donuts in Biloxi

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Go nuts for Fantasy Donuts in Biloxi.

I am.

The new shop is on Pass Road just west of Rodenberg Avenue and it’s on the south side of Pass. I recognized a landmark nearby, a place that used to be called Kelly’s back in the day. It was a bar where high school students were allowed to hang out, and there was some form of gambling in the back of the establishment.

I’m sure very few people remember the Kelly’s location, but Fantasy Donuts is to spot because of its signage, and once you get inside, you will see treats better than anything at Dunkin’ Dounts and Krispy Kreme, which is Krispy Kreme is celebrating its 80th anniversary Friday, July 14, with this deal: A dozen glazed for 80 cents. I wouldn’t take a dozen Krispy Kremes if they were for free.

At Fantasy Donuts, I went for a fritter and a glazed twist to take home for breakfast, and the guy at the counter threw in a cinnamon roll for free.

The menu is straightforward. I have no idea where the name Fantasy comes from. There are no Katsuwatch kolaches,  Kingdom Rush croissants, Zodiac glazed and whatnot.

You can get the basics and there is a lot to choose from. So go nuts for the doughnuts.

Fantasy Donuts
You deserve your own bag of doughnuts. What would you get?/JOHN BIALAS




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