Coast doughnut shops grow to more than 2 dozen

The new Ana's Donuts is at the corner of Pass Road and Washington Avenue in Gulfport. JOHN E. BIALAS

Broadmoor Bureau Chief

The list of doughnut shops on the Mississippi Coast has grown to 30 and one of the newest is the soon-to-open Dunkin’ on Highway 49 in Gulfport.

But I don’t care about Dunkin’. I prefer Ana’s Donuts, the new place at the corner of Pass Road and Washington Avenue in Gulfport.

I like Ana’s, whose neighbors are Domino’s and Cajun’s, even though I’ve made just one visit so far.

Ana’s is in an old building that has been the home of numerous businesses, and one of the most forgettable was Liberty Pizza many years ago. The doughnuts at Ana’s are far superior to the pizza that Liberty served in its brief time at one of the city’s busiest corners.

When I went to Ana’s, I got apple fritter bites, which are bigger than your regular bites. I got three and the third one was free. All were very good and I would like to get more.

I also picked up a menu and part of it is reproduced right here just for you.

The menu at Ana's Donuts includes Bavarian cream-filled doughnuts, Boston cream doughnuts and Bavarian cream doughnut holes. JOHN E. BIALAS
The menu at Ana’s Donuts includes Bavarian cream-filled doughnuts, Boston cream doughnuts and Bavarian cream doughnut holes. JOHN E. BIALAS

I think Ana’s could become my second go-to doughnut place right behind Daylight Donuts on Pass Road near 25th Avenue in Gulfport. Daylight is a family favorite, so much so that we stopped at a Daylight in the downtown of a small Colorado town last summer while we were on vacation. It reminded us of home as we ate our share of glazed twists and drank chocolate milk.

I’ve come up with a list of other Coast doughnut shops, and if I have made an omission, left me know ASAP.


Dunkin’ at the corner of Pass Road and Eisenhower Drive.

Dunkin’ at Cedar Lake Road.

Dunkin’ at Hard Rock Hotel.

Fantasy Donuts on Pass Road.

Angkor Donuts on Shriners Boulevard.

Electrik Maid on Pass Road.


Glazed Donuts on Sangani Boulevard (the Boulevard of Dreams).


Krispy Kreme on Highway 49.

Kreamy Donuts on Broad Avenue.

Jelly Donuts and Kolaches on Highway 49.

Quality Bakery on 25th Avenue.


Long Beach Donuts on Beatline Road.

King Donuts on Klondyke Road.


Tato-Nut on Government Street.

Ocean Springs Donuts on Government.

Krispy Kreme on Bienville Boulevard.

Simply Donuts on Old Spanish Trail.


Luxury Donuts on Highway 90.

Jelly Donuts and Kolaches on Highway 90.


Delicious Donuts on 14th Street.

Anderson’s Bakery on Market Street.


Doughboy Donuts on Highway 63.

Sunshine Donuts on Highway 613.


Lou-Joe’s on Highway 57.


Grammys Donuts and More on Highway 90.


D.H. Donuts on East Aloha Drive.


Daylight Donuts on Highway 63.


I also have a Bing locator map showing the names of 10 doughnut shops that I mentioned.

If you are a dough nut like me, eat them if you got them.













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Fondest memory of old Gulfport Shipley doughnut shop

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Broadmoor Bureau Chief

My fondest memory of the old Gulfport Shipley doughnut shop goes all the way back to when I was a member of the Mississippi Air National Guard from 1971 to 1976.

After I checked in for weekend duty at the base in Bayou View, it was time for me and a couple of other Guardsmen to drive down the street to Shipley, where we would hang out and then ride through the neighborhood before it was time to go to lunch.

I thought the Shipley doughnuts were the best around,  and my favorites were the good ol’ glazed and the paczki kind filled with chocolate or vanilla icing.

The doughnut trips were the only good thing I experienced in my long and boring National Guard career, and it’s amazing none of us was caught being MIA from working on what looked like Korean War-era generators at a time the Vietnam War was still being fought.

I was lucky our unit was never activated. I didn’t want to go to Vietnam. I was a war dodger, though never a doughnut dodger.

The Gulfport Shipley was at Hewes Avenue and Pass Road, but it’s long gone from what it is now one the city’s ugliest strip malls about one mile north of Highway 90 and the beach. When I drive past there on my way home, I always think of what it used to be like.

The Dizzy Dean fast-food restaurant was right across the street and Tastee Donuts, also a favorite, was at Courthouse Road and Pass Road.

The reason I bring up my fondest Shipley memory is that the company is looking to make a long-awaited return to the Biloxi-Gulfport market, according to a story in the Sun Herald.

I’ve been to the Shipley shop in Hattiesburg, the closest to the Mississippi Coast, and to ones in Houston and Starkville, but my last trip was in 2005.

I’m hoping my next trip will be much  closer to home.


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Don’t run on Dunkin’. Run to Daylight.

Daylight Donuts

Broadmoor Bureau Chief

Don’t run on Dunkin’. Run to Daylight.

Daylight Donuts is our go-to doughnut place in Gulfport. It’s in the old Hungry Howie’s on Pass Road just east of 25th Avenue and is one of 400-plus independently owned and operated Daylight shops in the U.S.

The shop is in a small strip mall, where I bought a wig back in the 1970s to hide my long hair during my Air National Guard weekends. Now I need a wig to cover what little hair I have. Much of the hair is long gone and so is the wig store.

I used to run to Dunkin’ Donuts in Biloxi, about six miles from our Gulfport home, but it has become mediocre at best. Daylight is better, fresher, doughier, more delicious and more colorful and offers more variety.

The last time our grandson stayed overnight, he asked, “Can we get doughnuts in the morning?” We knew which doughnuts Wade was asking about. Daylight Donuts, and it’s about five minutes from our house.

At 5 years old, Wade knows what’s good. He will get a chocolate twist, eat half for breakfast and save the other half for later.

The Gulfport Daylight Donuts Facebook page lists the shop’s hours, address and phone number, and when you look at the photos on the page, you can almost taste the sweetness.

Don’t waste your Friday in long lines and traffic jams trying to get the cheap deal at Krispy Kreme, which is a dozen glazed doughnuts for 80 cents to celebrate 80 years in business.

Daylight Donuts will make your day.




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Go nuts for Fantasy Donuts in Biloxi

Fantasy Donuts

Broadmoor Bureau Chief

Go nuts for Fantasy Donuts in Biloxi.

I am.

The new shop is on Pass Road just west of Rodenberg Avenue and it’s on the south side of Pass. I recognized a landmark nearby, a place that used to be called Kelly’s back in the day. It was a bar where high school students were allowed to hang out, and there was some form of gambling in the back of the establishment.

I’m sure very few people remember the Kelly’s location, but Fantasy Donuts is to spot because of its signage, and once you get inside, you will see treats better than anything at Dunkin’ Dounts and Krispy Kreme, which is Krispy Kreme is celebrating its 80th anniversary Friday, July 14, with this deal: A dozen glazed for 80 cents. I wouldn’t take a dozen Krispy Kremes if they were for free.

At Fantasy Donuts, I went for a fritter and a glazed twist to take home for breakfast, and the guy at the counter threw in a cinnamon roll for free.

The menu is straightforward. I have no idea where the name Fantasy comes from. There are no Katsuwatch kolaches,  Kingdom Rush croissants, Zodiac glazed and whatnot.

You can get the basics and there is a lot to choose from. So go nuts for the doughnuts.

Fantasy Donuts
You deserve your own bag of doughnuts. What would you get?/JOHN BIALAS




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