In one inning of baseball, I watched two talk shows

Broadmoor Bureau Chief

One inning of postseason baseball takes up so much time, I can switch channels to  one or two talk shows and not miss anything that happened in the game.

That was the case Tuesday night with Game 3 of the National League Championship Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs.

The game was in the top of the eighth and the Dodgers led 6-1. I expected no Cubs comeback, so I went from TBS to PBS, where Rob Reiner and Woody Harrelson were interviewed on “The Charlie Rose Show.”

Reiner and Harrelson were talking about their new “LBJ” film and I found the conversation to be interesting, but during a lull, I moved to ABC to watch Jimmy Kimmel.

And my timing was perfect. Kimmel’s guest was David Letterman, and Letterman is one of my all-time favorites.

I enjoyed the repartee between Letterman and Kimmel, and after the interview, I went back to TBS expecting to watch the NLCS postgame show.

Surprise, surprise.

The Dodgers were batting in the top of the ninth.

Just how long was the eighth inning?

I guess long enough to watch two talk shows.

It wasn’t long enough to help the Cubs.

Despite my lifetime allegiance to the White Sox,  the Cubs have my rooting interests this time of year because my aunt from Chicago and her children and grandchildren are Cubs fans.

I hope the Wilder family has the optimism reflected in this tweet.

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